2 thoughts on “One of my fav military planes =(

  1. It unfortunately sounds to me that this country is making itself weaker over misguided decisions like the F-35. We bought the idea for the F-35 before it was even flight tested. The A-10 is my all time favorite aircraft so maybe I am a little bias in this situation. To me, the military is like an insurance policy. It’s expensive and I certainly hate paying for it. That said, I am glad that I have insurance to cover my family and me in case of emergency. I understand budget cuts, but is this the proper time in our countries state to be making such extreme choices?

  2. Actually, I’m not that upset about this. The US needs to spend less on its military. It currently spends more than the next 25 highest-spending countries combined, 24 of whom are allies. Or something like that. And the Congresspeople are right, the A-10 is getting older and more costly to maintain, and at the same time, it’s a single-role tank killer in a world where tanks just are not as relevant. Note that they’re also retiring the aging U-2 as well.

    I think their focus more on drones makes a lot of sense. Sure, the A-10 was a cool flying gun mount. But all good things must come to an end. I learned that from Star Trek: TNG. 🙂

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